This is not my first rodeo.

I'm a storyteller & entrepreneur - a Broadway star turned film-TV-stage producer & startup founder. I've been a founder, co-founder, or early team member of six arts & media startups. First paycheck at age 11, first startup role at age 13. Notable roles include Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, original Broadway cast of Hairspray, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, the global smash-hit immersive concert experience For The Record, & years on the roster at Upright Citizens Brigade. NYU Tisch.

Here's my story.

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How Kid Brooke paid for the whole family to go to Disney World twice.

By Brooke Tansley on Dec 16, 2021

When I was nine years old and eleven years old, I paid for my family to go on vacation to Disney World twice. Flights, hotels, food - everything. How did I do it?  Between 1978 and 1996, my hometown of Wat...

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Maybe the road to our dreams is paved with data.

By Brooke Tansley on Dec 16, 2021

In July 2020, we took a look at our lives. There were three things keeping us from moving forward - rural living, natural disasters, and not enough money. This led us to a big project that began in July 202...

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Why starring in a Broadway musical and founding a startup are not very different.

By Brooke Tansley on Dec 16, 2021

At twenty six years old, I led a company that (prior to my arrival) raised $14MM of seed funding and was consistently bringing in $1M of revenue per week. What company was that? The Broadway Company of Bea...

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Matt Lewis

Founder, Practical Magic

Brooke Tansley is an anomaly, and if she wasn’t working in entertainment, she should be at Langley working for CIA. Behind the disarming smile and textbook Disney singing voice lies a first order, no-nonsense business handler.

Mom & Dad

Co-founders, Tansley Family

"There should be a therapy group for parents of kids like you. Why can't you do something boring?" - Mom

I can't actually write anything my dad says on the internet.